Lifespiration – live inspired, easily

If your mood is blue: don’t try to fight it – the mood is meant as an accompaniment, a background tune, elevator music. Not as a deliverable, a goal in itself. Remember to let go and focus on one thing – any one thing. The one that came to mind first is usually the best.

Not wanting to do something can be a clear indicator of it not being a good idea, a good moment. Mind the possibility that it is anger at having to feel good, put on a happy face, as a hidden condition to undertaking that thing. Consider undertaking that thing in your actual mood, letting that show. Also, beware of fear: unless your life is in danger, you must face the fear. Swiftly move beyond it to where the interesting stuff lies. That does not necessarily mean doing the thing you didn’t want to do in the first place, though.

Try: what are you doing? Instead of “how are you?” when relating to people. That child’s opening question is more to the point, more useful in building relations and less threatening/confrontative.

Keep your cool. Around stressy six, him crying from hunger and me starting to feel sore between the shoulder blades, I fed him a bit of muffin which he didnt take and a bottle, which he did. I don’t feel stressed about the solids thing now. After, I put him on the floor and tried to get on with cooking. But he needed attention from me. So I came down as well and thoroughly enjoyed myself rolling around on the floor, stretching myself and playing with him intermittently. I felt really good after, relaxed. I try to not be a “have to be happy”-mom but show him how I feel instead. A real mom. I am not afraid of showing my feelings to him – how else will he learn to cope with them himself? Letting by eyebrows and mouthcorners sag if that’s how they are. Relaxing into current mood, but keep on moving.


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