Today, a beacon changes form

Posted on: 14 April 2009

A dear, wise woman has died. My last “grandmother” – mother of my mom’s partner. Today we bury her.

Tante Hans – always cheerful, wise, honest. Compassionate. Never a complaint – yet she stood her ground.

I am grateful to have known her, grateful she had such a swift departure. I am inspired by the way she was, chose to be.

Today, I look at the black hole inside I used to fear, and know: this is what connects us. It is the universe of spirits, of nothingness, of eternity, that has lit life in you, and me, and everyone we know – and which, whatever we do, in whatever form it expresses itself, we must acknowledge, in eachother as in ourselves.

Namaste, tante Hans. Your light, no longer contained in your mortal body, will continue to enlighten the lives of all who knew you. I feel blessed and shall try to honour you by shining on.



1 Response to "Today, a beacon changes form"

I am sorry for your loss, but inspired and grateful for your ability to see the “light” that shines on. I have been writing about this for a few posts now, eternity, death, life, going on.

I have missed you so, my friend…….

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