PS wishes coming true

Posted on: 14 April 2009


In my post of february 14th, I sketched some wishes for my life’s development… it is such a pleasure to read back now, and know, I have received all and more! Staying true to my intentions, I shall detail the hows and whats in my emerging Spellfinder¬†blog…

Just mentioning it here to express my gratitude at circles closing, seeds opening with life, taking time to rejoice in the hyacinth’s fragrance : )


2 Responses to "PS wishes coming true"

As I knew whould happen for you! I person as beautiful as yourself should bloom, and be a year long bloom, regardless of season……..

Keep me posted!!!!!!!!!!

Hello my friend:

I just wanted you to know today that I miss you and am thinking of you. I hope that all of your wishes are still coming true, and that you are living out your dream! I hope to hear from you soon, and hope that you are well and content. Hugs! Vanessa

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