PS wishes coming true

Posted on: 14 April 2009


In my post of february 14th, I sketched some wishes for my life’s development… it is such a pleasure to read back now, and know, I have received all and more! Staying true to my intentions, I shall detail the hows and whats in my emerging Spellfinder blog…

Just mentioning it here to express my gratitude at circles closing, seeds opening with life, taking time to rejoice in the hyacinth’s fragrance : )


2 Responses to "PS wishes coming true"

As I knew whould happen for you! I person as beautiful as yourself should bloom, and be a year long bloom, regardless of season……..

Keep me posted!!!!!!!!!!

Hello my friend:

I just wanted you to know today that I miss you and am thinking of you. I hope that all of your wishes are still coming true, and that you are living out your dream! I hope to hear from you soon, and hope that you are well and content. Hugs! Vanessa

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