Signing with love

Posted on: 14 February 2009

heart-in-handsIt seems I keep signing off here… but honestly, I have been proliferating blogs at a disturbing level, dear reader. Since september 2008, when I got back in the blogging game, I have created and been posting on and off at around seven blogs.

However rewarding, and how I am tempted to keep it up, splitting my personalities in a semi legitimate way, this is confusing you and me both. It seems strange to put this particular one on hold – since it is the oldest and has most visits to boost – any day now, we’ll break that 1.000-mark!

But Tinkabell has served its purpose to help me get out of my depression/burnout. CurrentlyI hold the belief that I was never really depressed ; ).  As a bonus, it has helped me find all of you Ubuntu people! Vanessa, you most of all, by your individual attention and through the following you have gathered – you have given me such strength and hope, by knowing I am not alone in some of my loopier thoughts. Helped me find my own sense of meaning, purpose and values, through what I read and recognize in you, throu. What a wonderful time it has been! Meeting of the mind, heart and soul, forever to remember.

Now my spirit is strenghtened, I feel I am ready, willing and able to move on. I will try, I will fail, but I will succeed through doing, no matter what the result. It is time to enter the real world with these fresh yet solid beliefs you have helped me uncover in myself. To make it true for my real life connections.


– I envision setting up an offline business as a teamempowerment coach. Spellfinder, as I call it, will grow organically. The beginnings of the website are up for you to explore. You are welcome to follow my writing and other professional  there. I have decided to publish there once or twice a month (limiting myself here!).

– I am working hard at landing a job to fuel my network, need for company and wallet while I develop Spellfinder (which may take years, truth be told). I see this happening in the very near future.

– I will continue writing in social settings, which is what drew me here. Offline, now, though! For starters, in my monday writing group.

Sadly, I won’t be posting here anymore. This may turn out very hard (in fact, impossible!) for me, too. But I want to honour my inner voice, that keeps whispering I need real people, hot bodies around me, and I cannot live from behind a computer screen. So I am going to keep it up (or rather, down). I have to admit, this blogging break has done me good.

In honour of the solace and hope found here, I will leave the existing posts up. Maybe, someone may find answers or words of comfort or a new truth that fits them, too. If not, that’s OK too – it will be a mememto to a unique experience. Thank you for sharing it with me!

If you have come here because you want the blogname, please contact me. I am sure we’ll work something out!

Wishing you a wonderful Valentine 2009 – with love to all of you out there who participate in the reading and writing conversation.

Thank you for reading, 



1 Response to "Signing with love"

You have me about in tears here, my dear friend.

You are flying……… and it is a wonder to see.

Guaranteed, i will be checking out your business adventure…..

Peace, love and hugs to you, my dear, dear friend.

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