CSI Japan

Posted on: 6 February 2009

jap-harbour-drawingThe tent is so small, I want to stretch my arms, rest them under my head, but the coffin shape doesnt allow it. I push the cloth, feeling dimished. Why didn’t we rent a room in the hotel, where we could have normal beds, to stretch ourselves in all we like? We walk from the harbourfacing, highpoled structure towards the city highrises. Across a green no mans land, that is destined to disappear when the ambitious, mirrorlike highrise will be built, that will block the soft orange sunlight that now illuminates the flats behind. I can already see the huge, cold shadow it will throw, and a quick shiver runs down my spine, that I try to ignore.

Entering the hallway of the young man’s studio, we feel enclosed like he must have. I have the key, but am uncertain how to fit it in. The lock faces upward and it seems to be installed inside out. I match the keys protrusion to the hole, having to hold it upside down and backward. The chafing on the wood opposite the hole shows me this is the right way, I am chafing it now, too. My partner stands behind me, impatient, but reassuring the Japanese police that I know what I am doing and will get it right. We all think of the loneliness of this homosexual student, living in a boarded off room with his uncle and aunt, who keep him away from their life. How it happened, we will soon find out, but the eeriness of why, how easy it must have been, to elimitate someone so isolated, haunts our spirits, chills our souls.

jap-harbour-picThe lock clicks and I jam the door open. The room looks surprisingly warm and cosy, semi steamy windows facing the harbour. In the middle is a cooking island. A skillet with minced meat frying sits on top of the stove. The meat is still tepid. An open tiny tin of tomato puree concentrate stands on the side, with a chopped onion, ready to be chucked in. The muffled sound of aunt and uncle talking penetrates the make shift wall of plasterboard.

I turn in wonder to face my partner and the Japanese police officers.

This was my dream of last night! The eerie feeling was with me when I woke up and I can sense it again when I recollect this dream. Strangely, it also makes me feel proud, and in wonder about the specificity of the details.


2 Responses to "CSI Japan"

You have such details in your dreams, it amazes me! To see the details and know the context that exists there is also amazing….

I wonder, do you dream in chapters, that this may continue in a future dream? I want to know what happens next…. also, are you aware of smells in your dreams? That menu was so vivid that I could almost smell the beef having been cooked, still lingering in the air…..

I wonder, too! What happens next. Will redirect your request to my subconscious… I think I remembered my dream in more detail after you commented on the previous one, so who knows what my dreammind will come up with… will keep you posted!

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