Posted on: 7 January 2009


The power of thought is the power of creation.

Like cold air and the exact conditions, that create a snow crystal out of a water drop.

It is the Namaste light that shines in my eyes, and in yours, too (thank you Nick for reminding us).

I call upon my own powers of creation, as I invite you to call upon yours.

I wish to create for myself, my loved ones, those close to me and those I encounter in the physical and digital world – clarity, calmness and kindness. Space to grow and enjoy life to its fullest, picking all its berries, sweet and bitter, tasting, digesting and energizing. Gnawing it down to the bone, while hatching new life. Space to breathe, yet hands to touch, when reaching out. Warm bodies and shoulders to share the burden.

Create new pathways to love myself, to trust that I matter. Every second of me. As do you, and you, and you.

Thank you for being, thank me for being, thank my parents for bringing me to life.

Creating ways to express this. Everyday, every second.


2 Responses to "iWish"

You truly are an amazing writer; your words speak to me very deeply, even when I have to reread at times to absorb it……

This line, absolutely cracks me wide open:

“Space to breathe, yet hands to touch, when reaching out. ”

That really says it all; and what a delicate balance that is……

Thank you. Yesterday and today are better. You are a true friend.

Your compliment means the world.

It makes me a little afraid, to believe it. Then again – fear is good.

Already, this week’s events are strengthening me and the me I have been cherishing, growing inside.

Thank you for being their, nurturing, standing beside.

Considering a skate on the canals this winterwonder sunny day!

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