How to deal with fear – more

Posted on: 13 December 2008

munchscreamCleaning up my pencil-and-paper-notes archive, this note merits its own post:

angst/how to deal

1) recognize

2) allow it to enter, to be

3) a. park it, or

b. let it simmer

c. (I add now) show someone, in a small way, before it gains momentum on me

d. (idem) know that there are other options to act or not act, also.

Also, a list of bodily signs to help me identify fear:

– stomach ache, sore throat, tired eyes

– heavy, tired

– listless, without will

– heavy, powerless hands

– emotional numbness

– not being able to truly care what others think or feel

– pushing self forward without really wanting to


3 Responses to "How to deal with fear – more"

You think as deeply as I do, about what is, and how we know what that is, IS. The stomach, the ache, the lethargy………. I have come to almost get a sense of excitement at facing fear now; because, the worst thing that will happen, is that I run away, and try again another time…….. no biggie. I know that one day, I will be ready, no doubts……

Yeah, I know! Reading this back made me so happy, because this kind of insight helped me reduce my (perceived) depression of *decades*, bit by bit, into its true proportions: everyday fears and anxieties. Instead of letting them grow, *nip* them in the bud. For lack of better wording – it isn’t about nipping, it’s about embracing – as you know better than many!

Me too, I now actively look for any one thing that seems to inspire some level of anxiety or fear in me. Knowing I can defuse it, encounter it, and will feel the stronger and more energetic for doing that. Even just identifying and acknowledging it makes me not have to control it, giving me awareness of the conditions I need to make any progress with that particular thing.

Exactly, it’s about allowing time to do the work, too. Not having to solve or vanquish (Buffy style ; ) ) everything at once, or even by myself. Not needing superpowers – time will help us find help, find solutions, or discover the issue is really no issue at all (anymore).

Thank you, again, for joining me on this trip! For a trip, it is, right?!

Yes, my new favorite words are “journey” and “adventure” when I describe this which I am walking on……….

I absolutely love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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