Best of My Love 1.0

Posted on: 11 December 2008

1. Embrace love in all its forms, everyday anew – recognize it is always there, in any and all forms it can take – in anger, fear, disappointment too. Not just the rosy, easy stuff. For self, for others. It is always there and it’s all there is. Trust, know, feel, believe that – even when it seems a lie. Try. 

2. Re-cognise and de-fuse (=refuse) old expectancies of templates, of what it should be – perceive every moment open and fresh. Have the guts to take my senses (eyes, ears and the other 4) out of the mind and into the world.

3. If I fail, like I know I will, strong as old patterns and expectancies are – take the courage that’s always been there, and always will be, to open my eyes and face the fear. Embrace it as a friend. Share this friend with other friends. Allow them to shine their light on it. Face the shame, allow it in.

4. (checking back to Love Is list for inspiration, really having said everything essential, but afraid to be incomplete) No, I’m done. Good. Short & sweet.


Money is… not important enough to justify its own Best of List! OK not true. Important but difficult (still) and not something to focus on, now. I prefer to leave it to trust as defined in my Work – iWish 1.0 list, for now. Not in denial! Just temporizing, prioritizing. Maybe later.

Some uppy stuff to finish off this post. This Dutch boy’s definitely going places… Big up!


1 Response to "Best of My Love 1.0"

So beautifully written; and always, embrace it in all ways, and face up to those fears that have cast a shadow on it in the past, and maybe even in the present!!!!


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