Save the best – work

Posted on: 10 December 2008


Instead of putting my energy in reinventing bartering (thanx Vanessa for the word) and other alternative payment systems, I choose to take a look at my lists (love, money, work) and choose the values I desire.

Work goals – I wish to

1. connect with people in new ways, albeit with new people, or with familiar people on new levels

2. seek out cooperative acts

3. move side by side, shoulder by shoulder, take a hand when needed, on my own speed, connecteded and helped by a general shared inspiration

4. invent my path as I go along

5. envision the kind of rewards I desire (& help others envision theirs)

6. trust these rewards will present itself in due time

7. open up to surprise twists and (U-)turns in process and results

8. love what I call work – most of the time if not all of it.

Now that I’ve put these wishes out there, why shouldn’t they come true? : )

Stay tuned for the love and money ones.


1 Response to "Save the best – work"

This list looks a lot like what mine would have on it….. great minds, my dear!!!!! Way to “U” turn it around!!!!

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