Look out!

Posted on: 10 December 2008

After a definite new low yesterday, I am feeling better.

gardening-basketTook some time, and a hard talk with mom (you know the kind, getting sucked in a vortex where you both feel useless), a horrid day with poor little babyboy (I feel to blame, but then: it can’t always be roses! never promised you a rosegarden!), and some wonderful inspirations and encouragement from three blogheroes (Sue Ann Edwards, Nick Smith and Vannessa Leigh) – thank you all! Today: feeling hungover and hoping my sore throat is not gonna develop into a full featured flu –

But yes! Better! New ideas and inspirations, and most of all – renewed sense of hope, faith, trust and love – of self, too : ).

Trying to remain calm, grounded, and not go into hypermania/overdrive (gotta love your mania, though, like the master said) – slowly loading my guns filling my gardening basket, putting on those gloves…

I changed the desing back, too : ) – reflecting my spirit… love how easy that is in WordPress : D


1 Response to "Look out!"

You are sweet, Tink, you surely are…… 😀

Glad to be of help….. and the look here suits you; glad that the black has passed…….

sending you mega hugs and mwah and mwah!!!!!

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