Money is…

Posted on: 8 December 2008

money-knife1. difficult

2. disappointing

3. makes me feel guilty, either way, a lose/lose scenario; if I have it, I feel guilty; if I don’t, I feel guilty too.

4. should represent the earth that grows us (but fails)

5. instead, it empties us out, and the earth too.

6. I hate it

7. I need it

8. I want to look at it relaxed and flexible

9. I can’t

10. That makes me feel powerless

11. burns a hole in my pocket

12. cuts through relationships

13. I want it to be a fertilizer, not a knife

14. I want to be independent

15. can I look at love and money like two separate operating systems, like Ubuntu and Windows?

16. An insurance, not a condition (shameful statements)

17. Forget it, it’s a condition

18. It represents the space you take up in this world

19. It’s hidden

20. It’s a taboo

21. I hate it

22. Yet I need it.

Hm, that seems the most complex one of all. The only sensible conclusion I can draw from it, is that I should work on a work first, get paid later scenario: you’ll pay me what you think my work is worth. Like I know people did. That should validate the trust and the relationships, which I value over the money – that I do need, however. Looking into that – back later. Have to celebrate Sinterklaas now with crummy homemade poetry!!


1 Response to "Money is…"

Yes, yes, like bartering!!! I give you what you need, you pay me what you believe is right, just, fair, and what you can afford. If that is eggs, so be it. If it is cash, so be it. If it is a dinner companion, all the better….

Life would be so much simpler that way, yes?

Money changes everything….. Cindy Lauper

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