Work is… list

Posted on: 7 December 2008

toolsAfter I did the love list, the work list did not come as such a shocker. Truly, I spent just 15 minutes on completing all four lists, so timewise it was a piece of cake. All the more amazing, how powerful the exercises really are.

Getting on with the work list. Again, I wrote “work is…” on top of a white sheet and numbers from 1. to 20. in the left margin. Here’s what followed:

1. hard

2. denying me love, presence of loved ones, friends

3. isolation

4. boring

5. stupid

6. I hate myself (?)

7. I hate money (again, huh?)

8. keeping me from moving, growing

9. stupid

10. silly

11. boring

12. repetitive

13. ignorant/numbing

14. taking me away from myself

15. draining my energy and my spirit

16. like my childhood family – ignoring me

17. difficult

18. should be fulfilling, but fails

19. failing me

20. disappointing

21. a big disappointment (echoes of people in my past saying, I expect too much)

22. is this what mum & dad ignored me for?

23. failing to connect me with self & others

24. failing to stir my creativity

25. failing to make this world a nicer place

26. all about money

27. not about people

28. should be the other way around

Well, that explains something… why I am not finding a job, for one! My motivation sucks big time. That is to say, I have a lot of beliefs about work being horrible. The upside is, a positive motivation is hidden in there, too – I guess the same goes as the love bit: I should accept that I have (had) these negative beliefs, embrace the disappointment as something that work has generated in my past, allow for the possibility it will disappoint me again. But also define how it might satisfy me – from stuff in points 23 – 28.


2 Responses to "Work is… list"

Yep, I have been here for sure….. but I have decided to redefine what work means to me, and once I make work, work, then I was able to get to the “business” of truly living….. Does that make sense???

I wish I could – I tried, and failed. Or maybe it was the business of truly living I failed at – anyway (*now it’s too late* my mind goes) I feel I need to make my work my true living, too. You get it, integration, authenticity. At least try that.

Like Jack writes here (http://www.jackcheng.com/maxing-out-your-triangle): max out my triangle.

Have a great day, V!

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