Love is… 20x, and more

Posted on: 5 December 2008


This cheesy comic came to mind during this exercise. It was a big thing in Holland in the 70s and I've always hated it... the list clarified why.

Sue Ann Edwards wrote about the emptiness of self. I recognize me in her lines, especially now, when I feel so stuck in the same old, same old.

I found treasure towards the end of her post. She writes:


I’ve chosen to believe in the Passion of my Life.


Here’s an exercise in reclaiming and getting to know yours.


Choose any subject: money, love, God, sex, marriage, work, etc. Then fill in the sentence, ‘Money is ______’ 20 times. Or ‘Love is ______’ 20 times. Whatever subject you choose, complete the sentence 20 times.

I tried it for love, work, money and sex. Issues that seem so hard for me now.

Sure enough, by item 3 on the list of love, I started crying. Finally, some relief of this tension.

I’ll post more about those lists here, later.

For now, I’d just like to thank Sue Ann for sharing and for her wonderful tip. Already, I feel loads better and not so stuck anymore. I recommend the exercise to anyone feeling stuck – to my future self, too : ).


2 Responses to "Love is… 20x, and more"

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I remember this comic!!!!!!! Keep letting go of that tension, woman….. so glad that you are “back”!!!!

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