Keep the juices flowing

Posted on: 19 November 2008

Just short of two weeks ago, the Economist featured an article on blogging titled something like “oh, grow up”. Sounding like a weary parent to a irresponsible, whimsical adolescent, the article mentions the latest blogging ventures of Jason Calacanis. Calacanis is known in the blogosphere as one of the pioneers of blogging, and cofounder of Weblogs, Inc., a blog network that he managed to sell to AOL. November 6th, Economist reacts to the fact that Calacanis bowed out july 11th (illustrating the inability of old media to keep up, BTW). He explains:


I’m looking for something more acoustic, something more authentic and something more private. Blogging is simply too big, too impersonal, and lacks the intimacy that drew me to it.

The “a-list” pressure, the TechMeme leaderboard debates, and constant accusations of link-baiting are now too much of a distraction. 



His turmoils exemplify my worries upon (re-) entering the blogosphere. How to combine the success of a large audience, that I seek, with the creative freedom of an intimate setting?

Here’s what I came up with: I’ll do two blogs! Multiple blogs for multiple needs. More may arise as needed.

Paradoxically, I need to produce more not less to keep the creative juices flowing. Different blogs for different needs.

The way I set it up, is one anonymous blog – the one you are reading right now – and one nameblog. Which is only known to those who vowed on their lives to keep the link hidden. My creative freedom depends on that.

The anonimity allows me to blabber away share my most private thoughts with anyone who takes an interest, letting me experiment: invent and try out new things. The public one allows me to share stuff that I want to have associated with my public persona, e.g. for networking and career purposes. Also, to create a name for myself; build an image of a smart, intelligent and sensitive person. Of course, y’all know me for the blubbering mess I can be, too, so that’s why that part stays hidden, or sub radar stealth. (great word, right?).

This way, I can test stuff in the relative safety of Tink*abell, and apply what works in the open space of my nameblog.

Now, I am curious to find out which of the two will show to have more influence, authority, and authenticity. Especially the latter is an interesting one, since my innermost self that I show here appears more authentic to me – but – hmm, my mind is getting into too many loops on this one. Guess I’ll leave it at that!

Hope you enjoy (&can read!) the sketch.

PS: I redid the intro of this post because it was too muddled up.

PPS:  Jason Caracis’ authenticity wishes would not allow him to do an anonymous blog, I guess, as he says “I only approve folks with real names”  for his alternative email newsletter you can sign up for. What is that, doing an email newsletter, anyway? Only sending, not receiving? But then again, we can always find him on  FacebookTwitterMySpace,LinkedInDeliciousPownceJason Calacanis on tumblrmixxFlickr. Hmm, what did I say about Facebook again? Deleting my account, did I? Guess I haven’t said that yet. Something about pressure, surely. Another time.


4 Responses to "Keep the juices flowing"

Interesting idea – but I think it’s not only ok to fail, but it’s also ok to fail in public. I have more respect for people who fail and talk about it than those who act like they’re perfect. All within reason though – there will always be things you want to keep private…. and of course things that you would rather only discuss with a select group of people.

I have come to have a real embracing of blogging as a way to be transparent and to enjoy that. It emphasizes the humanness of all of us that is refreshing to me, and it is SO Ubuntu as well. But, I don’t have the concerns about my actual identity, and those who read me are people that know details of my life anyway…….. and, it has been such an amazing way to meet so many others who are wanting connection with the world…….. it truly is amazing to me!!!

“How to combine the success of a large audience, that I seek, with the creative freedom of an intimate setting?”

With Intimacy comes the Expression of Integrity.

As you introduced yourself to me, I read through some of your posts. {{Thank you}} for sharing yourself with me.

What I noticed is that {{you}} like the rest of us, have surrendered the authority of your own Heart over to ‘others’. I share what my husband calls my ‘secret formula for miracles’…contemplate the sentence:

“things of value I carry with me where ever I go”

At one time my list was made up of superficial and materialistic things, as I had been taught to value and seek to find meaning in. But then I changed that value system, choosing genuine substance of inner character, as the ‘things of value I carry with me where ever I go’.

In effect, I quit pursuing placebos of worth and started investing in my Self. I started learning how to become Self Nurturing, setting my goal, NOT on ‘perfection’, but on expanding my ability to embrace “imperfection”.

I cannot, in any Integrity, claim to be a Humanitarian, unless and until I have learned to Love my own Humanity, for I can only extend what I have.

Forget being ‘right’ and choose being ‘loving’. For our fears of intimacy are directly related to how many judgments and doubts we have about ourselves…the ‘skeletons we’ve all got locked inside the closet of our bodies’. The parts of ourselves deemed *not perfect*.

Once we switch our goal to EMBRACING imperfection rather then in trying to be Prefect, living becomes ease-ier.

Dear Sue,

Thank you for sharing your secret.
This may prove to be my best holiday gift!
A gift that keeps on giving.

My fear of success, the disappointment that has had such a strong hold on me – you are right. The value is inside. If inside is an awareness of fear, that is the value. Awareness of a black hole, a lack of love, an understanding of love how it could be, a vision – all of these. Inside of me. Inside of you, too.

I wish courage and alertness to you and to myself, in this journey, we seem to share.

Back to love.

When you come across a scotch pine or a chestnut tree, give it a hug and think of me. As I will of you when looking at the hemlock in my neighbours yard, or reach out to touch a spruce or fir.

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