Hitting the red. Money and me, 18 – 23

Posted on: 14 November 2008


Finally facing my Waterloo

Finally facing my Waterloo

An expensive membership of a students’ body and small payments dad and the government combined to send me into the red numbers quickly. Some painful confrontations about it with dad did nothing to improve our already strained and alienated relations. Nor to improve my financial situation. Nor to better my associations with finance. I struggled through the first four years, getting by by taking waitering jobs, feeling stupid and clumsy.

My luck finally turned when at age 23, an acquaintance introduced me to my first decently paying job that I liked. Still waitering, but in a theatre, steady, hours that combined with my uni life, and most of all: a great group of colleagues. We’d always have sit downs after the show, socializing, just talking, sharing the satisfaction of a job well done and a fee well earned. I felt accepted and appreciated.


1 Response to "Hitting the red. Money and me, 18 – 23"

So, it sounds like here, you are finally able to make a wage at least that you feel a bit better about, and also some connections socially, to go with your circle of finances….

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