Posted on: 7 November 2008

cloak of hidingI changed the design back.
Letting go is hard! Immediately, I find myself filling up with new ideas for Tinkabell, of reasons why I like it so much, the name, and the space to fill with highly personal stuff, a way to share.
I have launched another blog under my real name though, and am determined to not have them link to one another. Yes, I too suffer from Internet fear. However much I hate to admit it, advocating trust over fear. But my most private parts and intimate thoughts in the broad daylight of my real name, for everyone to find? I think not. And it’s not even because of you, dear anonymous reader, that I fear. It’s because of some people I know in the real world and how they have, in fact, responded to some of the ravings and rantings I let out unaware. However, sharing under the cloak of a pseudonym – yes, I like. So, sorry for those who want to know the real me (and don’t). Here’s your comfort (and my self justification): a huge part of what is real to me is already on here, so you’re not missing much. And hey, if you drop me a line (tinkabell dot wordpress at gmail dot com) I just might reveal my true identity to you (or not!).


2 Responses to "Change"

I like it how you’re trying things. That’s what it’s all about. Just do it. And iterate.

I get that, the need to be self-protective…… out here in the blogosphere…..

Do what you need to do, but I just might send you off an email!!!

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