Posted on: 27 October 2008

OK, I am not ready for gazing inside myself. Crawling the blogosphere some more. 

One thing I know: the old media are done for.

it is nothing interesting coming through them.

Just one talking head, wanting their 5 minutes of fame, after the other.

The top down approach is too slow, and the controlling extinguishes any sparks.

I found Sue Ann Edwards’ interesting blog. She claims to sense a different energy. Maybe.

But for sure: the real news won’t be found in the old media. Where are we going? How are we getting there? Who are we meeting?

Bring a notebook on your next trainjourney and start jotting things down. Making news instead of consuming it. I know I’ll try, too (when I am in the headspace)! Up until then, I’ll go on applauding those of us who do in their blogs.


2 Responses to "media"

I found it. Your post on the notepad!

One thing seems certain: old media is going to have to change. Or they’re done for. Just found out that TV Guide was sold for $1. Is that nuts, or what?

One problem of theirs is that they exist to sell ad space. And make money. A blog can make money, doesn’t have to. I think it’s important to listen to oneself when writing posts. Not think about making money. Selling ads. Not even thinking about what others might want to read.

Do you mean, TV Guide the company? How bizarre! They must have missed all the clues, right?

You are so spot on with the advertising space (Robbie Williams starts singing in my head now). I could not agree more. I was just preparing a post on how (wanting to make) money destroys creativity.

It seems hard to do both, doesn’t it? Make money and create without limits? Or can we? This is my puzzle right now. Can I? Or is it a matter of trust. Just start creating like hell and trust that the money will follow. I find it hard to trust in that. I don’t know if that is just me and the way I was raised or is it a theme permeating our culture. Because no one believes it can be done, it is virtually impossible. And moreover, people will discourage you to believe it, and try to drag you down if you go ahead anyway. Because they are jealous.

My mother in law, for example. She told me the other day she holds a position in psychiatry now, finally, at age 59 – she has been wanting to work in that field all her life. But she didn’t see an opportunity to get into it before, and resigned to making her way slowly. In the same meeting, she recounted how her psychiatry professor offered her a job in psychiatry right after uni, but she refused because she – a Viennese girl – didn’t want to get stuck in the province. Maybe she (unconsciously) denied herself and know cannot allow me to do what I really want?

I am gonna try, though!

Thanks for dropping by, Chris.

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