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Posted on: 24 October 2008

Scrolling down Belysio’s blog I found a fascinating link on social networking. The post is meant to show how most social networking users don’t know what social networking is – e.g. what the word means. A bit of a semantic point, to me.

More interesting, the post lists a top-3 of social networking apps in terms of membership. Informing us where to go online if I want to make friends/network locally. Had I seen this before going to Canada in september, I might have given my FaceBook some more thought, or looked into hi5! (not really though, barely motivated to find you a decent link about it – OMG did you get that same lame “congratulations! you have just registered for winning an Audi A3” message? Like we used to get in the (snail)mail in the 80s, I’d find one coming home from school, and I called my mom all excited at her job, telling her we won! And she had to disappoint me saying it was a ruse? Well, this should tell us how seriously to take hi5 – I really like Canadians, though ; ). Have to wonder why so many of them would use such a lame site for social networking – maybe the social networking scene over there is not that big anyway?)

Then again, looking at the Dutch top3 (Hyves, Linked In, MSN Spaces) – I’d likely make most friends in the ages of 12-22 there. Did I mention how our 13 year old babysitter left nothing but Hyves and MSN chitchat in our cache, after I generously offered him to use our livingroom laptop to his heart’s content? And the friends I’d make on those site are mostly busy collecting faces to show their popularity, so small chance of any real relationship blossoming out of that…


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