Online: douze points

Posted on: 24 October 2008

Okay, so my online vs. onpaper post, sparked initially by this post, is way too long and desparately needs editing. Who knows if I’ll get round to that? I’ve become so psyched this week about all my new Ubuntu and other blogosphere friends (post to follow), my cup runneth over.

The basic question hidden in there, stuck with me, though: how to combine the benefits of reading online and onpaper? I think I’m on track to some excellent solution options, too!

Because, I may err again… rambling could be my middle name. Also, I like some longish posts of my new friends and would prefer to read them at my leisure in the couch, in bed or on the train (don’t know when I’ll be travelling again… but you know. I’d like to have the option when I do). Finally, and what triggered this post, I tried getting my smart and wonderful mom to read this blog. (hi, mom!) She replied hesitantly: it seems a bit much. I kindly offered to send her a Word doc with all posts, so she’d be able to leaf through it more quickly, and skip longish or tedious bits. She spends more time on the train than I do, too. But now that I have to actually do that, I am looking for a way out. OK mom, for you I’ll do it, dragging my feet, but do it. (love you!) Also, some posts just don’t lend themselves to offscreen reading because of their nature – you want to feel free to recline and feel the message, or maybe doodle between the lines.

That’s why I looked into putting a button such as above on my blog. WordPress does not seem to provide one, unless you go for the (paid) CSS upgrade. I might do, but I’d still have to know how to make one – they don’t explain that, either.

Also, I’d like a button printing out all previous posts. Or any selection I choose, for example by pointing me to a form with checkboxes, where I could do a batch job. Usefull for my own rewriting and rehashing pleasures, but also something I’d like to see in newly discovered blogs. Usually, if I like one post of a certain someone, I’ll like more of their work.

I asked the guys at WordPress support about these Q’s. I’ll keep you posted.

If you feel the same way, feel fry to badger the sweet WordPress support gang, too, or open up a similar issue in your own blogfacilitator site. If you can point me to a simple solution, even better! (I haven’t done more Googling yet, myself, coding being a skill I like to continue not having)



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