Some views on bread, aka “het slijk der aarde”

Posted on: 23 October 2008


nice colours, right?

nice colours, right?

Yeah, OK, so we need it… but how much of it do we need? And why? I’m still brooding out my own views – what does money represent to me? In the mean time, here are some posts that I find interesting:

God, I am SO losing my days in the blogosphere this week.

Stop it! Now! Trying to get out of our house, now… x


2 Responses to "Some views on bread, aka “het slijk der aarde”"

Hi Tink,

what I wrote about money is my view on what money started out as and what it should be. Sadly, as with most of our systems money is no longer serving its intended purpose which is why things are going so badly wrong.

There is a second part to my article about money that I am in the process of writing. In it, I explain the history of money, what money has become and how we arrived at the current state of affairs.

I doubt many people will actually believe it when they read it, its that crazy.

Love V

[…] I have been trying to get to grips with money. I found some interesting blogposts and a fascinating discussion ensued here. What does it mean (to me)? As regular visitors here […]

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