When did YOU last buy anything in print?

Posted on: 22 October 2008

Today, Michael Surtee’s Linkdrop of oktober 17th, 2008, inspired me (again). His link to Slow-Moving Magazines No Match for Fast-Moving Blogs ignited something I have been thinking about occasionally. Albeit when blogsurfing, or when in front of newsstand racks, marvelling at the amount of mags, wondering which one, if any, to get for my inflight, ontrain, onbeach or onsofa entertainment.

Why should I still buy anything inprint? I did the pros and cons (long and tedious list here) and came up with: maybe twice a year a style mag with lots of pictures in, for inspiration. That’s it! Sorry, print industry! Please redirect your resouces, human, mineral and animal into such innovative alternatives as a dualscreen-laptop or Amazon’s Kindle.

Maybe it’s just me… but who can resist the temptation to surf, Google, blogread, post, write, all rolled into one?

I just need access to a paper and pen now and again – create, instead of consume!

And how do you feel?


1 Response to "When did YOU last buy anything in print?"

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