Anybody there?

Posted on: 22 October 2008

I read in last weeks Intermediair (Dutch article here) about this great new application by a Polish team. Watch out, here they come! The invasion of the Eastern European intellect, after we’ve all had the builders in for redecorating. The app named Belysio checks where the people in your mobile’s address book are at, at any time. This is what we’re waiting for! Wanting to have a familiar face to talk to? Just let Belysio see if anybody’s around!

Now, all I need is for them to make it iPhone compatible (and of course, a coupla positive user reviews to win me completely over) and I’ll get that iPhone and install it. I admit to using a very old school Samsung mobile now, keeping my cash inpocket, waiting to frogleap… They are still in Beta, though. Good luck to you guys, not holding my breath but keeping tabs! (Nice blog, BTW)

Find Belysio’s presentation here  (from that prez, they do seem in need of some viral marketing, PR and design expertise)


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