Ambient marketing and blogosphere

Posted on: 16 October 2008

Interesting post by Michael Surtee on how to look for information in blogs How I find Good Stuff on the Web.

Also: love his drawing/notebook pic.

I looked into his “Linkdrop” newscollection, which I am RSS feeding BTW (even though Michael expresses a profuse dislike of RSS feeds). A lot of Obama/mcCain related links, but brilliant as a demonstration of his blofsifting process.

He mentions a great website to publish reporting differences between newssources http://the-contrarian.org. Something I think about occasionally; generally, I avoid traditional newssources since I prefer to choose my own news.

In the lower ranges of Michael Surtees’ Linkdrop I found a wonderful take on journaling: the Chronotebook. The guy who blogged that, Jack Cheng, has a pretty cool bio and blog too. I couldn’t stop raving when I found his post on ambient marketing. My views exactly! Brilliantly formulated! (entertain yourself with examples of ambient marketing here).

Then, I remembered Michael Surtees Linkdrop mention of Google’s advertising strategy. 

I just can’t help thinking, I like Google so much because of their ambient marketing strategy, which is what the did, really isn’t it? The non-intrusiveness, the just being there with nice stuff, allowing users to find them, not pushing. Are they going to change? I hope not!

Am writing this in Notepad – again. It’s a really good way to keep me focussed on my writing and ideas, instead of getting sidetracked by more links, more information, more tabs. Also, I am not so happy with the design I chose for my WordPress blog, but unsure on how to improve it, and that’s also a distraction. I really like the way Michael Surtees and Swissmiss designed theirs, also Jack Cheng, but then they are designers arent they? As yet I have to master the art of selection and leaving out. I have to get back to my more personal writing I guess, to venture into my own black hole.

To wrap up, how do I go through blogs? I look for blog(post)s based on the writers’ thinking. I look for ideas and simplicity. Personality, a certain kind of, that must shine through. It’s all about authenticity, original thoughts that are recognizable, someone expressing something I have been looking for or thinking without knowing it, semi-consciously or fleeting. Intuitively I know something interesting when I find it. Part of it is creativity and part of it is highly personal, yet practical, concrete.

I was pretty amazed this Jack Cheng guy has worked in a UX role as well – I was trained as a UX designer myself. I try not to think too much about following links, I just do it and let the results draw up their own pattern. If I want to find the pattern, I will do it in hindsight. Or I might not. I always feel some stress between going forward and looking back. And being where I am. Yes, that’s a pretty accurate description of a part of my life. Shifting between parallel and singular processing.

In a practical sense, I find and read blogs by googling topics, by following links from blogs I like, that I have subscribed to through iGoogle, and the occasional Twitter thing. I follow interesting people on Twitter to know when something interesting is going on. Hardly anything comes from friends or other people I know. My Googlelife is strangely mostly separate from my real/personal/social life. I wonder what that might mean. I do not take part in the bloglife, either. I use the Internet to feed my mind, feed me inspiration. I guess I do not want personal expectations and relationships to divert me from looking inside, where I hope to find some kind of personal truths. Find them pure, without letting other people’s energies confuse me. O god, does this make me some kind of lunatic? Autistic hermit? Maybe I am just hypersensitive, because I find it so hard to stick with my own energy, set my own boundaries. And/or I haven’t fount the way I want to represent myself online, and dont want to come out confused and vulnerable.


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