Alright now, baby…

Posted on: 16 October 2008

I feel pretty good.

The stuff I did yesterday and today seems to irreversibly show me to really give writing/philosophy a try. I am working at this blog, have changed the layout and added some tags. Also, backtracking my archive and redone the about bit (not changed it in the published bit yet). Tomorrow, I am looking to continue with:

– tagging previous posts

– arranging to have my pic taken w/intell glasses and a magic wand/pencil in mouth, sexy yet smart

Feel confident about this road. Feel charged, yet cool and collected. Reading over some of the older stuff, I feel a) appalled at how bad I felt (unpublished some of those, too scary) b) impressed with some of the writing. I wonder if I could discuss with Marieke at some point?

Went and had tea downstairs after dinner. Mart is so sweet to Florian, guess he is trying to catch up when I favoured Joppe over him. Mart was trying different things and succeeded in getting Flo to play with him, eventually. Sweet! I talked to Casper about his work and so on, he repeated he thinks I could be good at teaching.

Making me reconsider, if that’s not a road I should try – maybe something like philosophy or psychology in university or a hogeschool?

I really like my enthusiasm about Deikman, Dilts and the like shining through some of my earlier posts. Reaffirming me in that direction. Also, I feel confident that the psych/shrink/therapist road is not something to focus on now, but rather I would like to focus on research/experiment/writing/developing ideas for now, but allowing that road to open up later on if it will. Also, reconsidering following the HG program/certification. Still motivated, and a believer if such a thing exists, and will feel very silly and full of regret if booming occurs and missed my opportunity. Should trust my gut feeling about this, boom will occur, not a matter of if but a matter of when.

Thoughts also keep returning to Bas Haring. Must arrange to meet with him, take his classes, a workshop or something with him. Have gut feeling about.

Just writing this down now before bed, to avoid feeling of where to start tomorrow morning.

Night night!

PS feel angry about “luxury” remark of V in climbing gym, took me a while to figure it out: it may seem like a luxury but jobhunt is, certainly emotionally/energetically, a pretty hard job! Having to motivate self usw! Glad to have that sorted.

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