Philosopher Tink

Posted on: 16 October 2008

Am currently doing some thinking through and writing through stuff. Although I have no idea where it will lead, if anywhere at all, it feels like something I must do.

Things that seem to stand out, even though it is still early days:

  • I am interested in writing/thinking/philosophy/thinking about thinking/creativity – more to the point, it is what I experience flow doing, most other stuff seems a waste of time. I used to want to study philosophy or religion, but refrained because I would never be able to make a living. BIG fan of Aristoteles, BTW. Especially his work on the four Causes and Metaphysics – we exist to be happy.
  • Writing to me means creating, pulling things together, making conceptual connections
  • I must be able to put personal stuff in, and follow completely random and personal sidetracks
  • I am afraid to appear vulnerable, but feel the moment draws near where I must make myself so anyway
  • I really would like to publish some of the things I am working on. They seem so worthwile to methat  others might be interested. Am still completely in the dark on the who, how, when. Also, the layout of Tink needs drastic improvement before hanging out wider.
Jobs that seem interesting to me now: copywright, marketeer, philosopher, TV series writer, writer on these topics. (*Psychology teacher/tutor?* added 17/10)
Ooh, should that be my main identity/role in that new blog: jobhunter?
Also, I thought about why I am doing this in English: it is findibility, connectivity. I want to be readable throughout the world. Maybe not because I expect that many readers, but I expect if a following ensues it will be niche. Language should then not be a barrier. Also, I like the large vocab of the English language. And social interaction seems to be more sensitive and subtle in Anglospeaking countries. Compared to Holland, that is. More attention to process, the hows. This is where I should like our civilisation to go. 

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