Just the two of us

Posted on: 13 October 2008

So, its just the two of us for the week. Sebastian is coming back friday evening. I am determined not to miss him too much – okay, well a little is allowed – but mostly to let the single parent vibe not stress me out.

Today went well – I had dinner for Flo prepared, just a nuke away, and sat him in his high chair while I stirfried mine. Feeding him spoonfuls in between. That went well, he was happy to get a look at what I was doing and finger the buttons of the dishwasher in between. He liked his dinner as well: pureed white beans and tomatoes, some apple-onion-potatoe mash and some rice.

After dinner he was a bit plaintive, clutching at my jeans, while I was cleaning up the kitchen and prepping his bottles. I tried seating him in the highchair again but he was bored and probably already a bit bottle hungry. I wanted to finish up in the kitchen first, though. Maybe I should have given him his bottle first? Anyway once I did (offered him 270, he took 170) he was much relaxter and we sat playing in his corner. 19:05, OK about an hour and a half to go till bedtime – yes, counting down. I went up to check his diaper and we went out for a bit. It’s already dark but such a lovely warm autumn evening, I couldnt resist. Tosia was out as well and we went for “his first walk”!! Going about 25m along the street, until he was tired or distracted by a putdekseltje, then wanted me to carry him and leaning towards Aimee’s door where the putdekseltje was located. Maybe he wanted to visit? The lights were off anyway, otherwise I might have rung their bell. I carried him home and he happily climbed up both stairs. We went downstairs to the livingroom again and played some more. I flicked through some TV channels, absolutely nothing was on. Of course Flo wanted to play with me but by now I was getting really tired. I offered him another 270cc of which he drank 120, and then another 70. Glad he didnt do 2×270 before bed like yesterday, he must have had more to eat. In between, I offered him a Friese pepernoot which he delighted in!! Nice chunky for him to try his gums on and the sweet aniseed taste is to his liking as well, apparently.

I was grateful it became time to put him to bed, changed him into his jammies and 20.30 on the dot he was in. He cried a bit, then talked a bit more to himself before falling asleep. I went up to check on his duvet, he was lying on top and I couldnt tuck him under without waking him up… I held him for a bit, he was almost asleep again, when I put him in he was trying to sit up so I pushed his body down. Then he fell asleep quite easily.

In the mean time, with all the quick crawling, climbing, standing up and supported walking he’s doing, I am getting quite frustrated from time to time on how to set limits. I looked up when to start saying no and found some links that seem useful:


This one is very reassuring, I am doing most of that stuff already. Especially trying to reinforce his curiosity.


This one is good on other issues as well.


Same goes for this one.

A coupla good tips on saying no I found on smartmomma.com

– reserve it for real dangers, such as fire, running onto the street;

– use a special stern tone of voice so you can use different words (stop doing that, etc) but the same seriousness, “this is not play”,

– develop a special stern look or glare so you can tell your toddler you want him to stop without words as well.

Tata for now,



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