Van’s highlights

Posted on: 29 September 2008

Returned yesterday, 1300 Amsterdam time. 24 hours ago at this moment. Feeling quite fit, even though sleep last night was somewhat erratic. Went for a run, sure that helped.

Here’s some of my personal Vancouver highlights:

  • Victoria’s Chinatown
  • Playing with Josie
  • Watching Florian play with Josie
  • When Tim amazingly found our lost milkbottle cap under a bush
  • Spotting the bear on Cedar drive, broad daylight
  • Huddling together with the other 15-odd passangers, silently, anxiously, on one side of the whale watching boat, anticipating a first glance of a dorsal fin or any other sign of orca life
  • Sebastian proadly showing me his pic of the 3 fins we actually saw
  • The elated chatter on the way back to Victorias port, Florian charming the pants off of everyone on the boat
  • Standing on its upper deck, watching the evening sun’s broad, bright golden ribbon on the rippling Pacific, a brisk breeze blowing through my hair, feeling incredibly fresh and strong (king of the world!)
  • Enjoying Stanley Park’s cemented, rock lined boulevard, views of a grey Pacific
  • All of Florian’s sweet smiles and Sebastian’s warm love.

Thank you both.


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