Posted on: 12 September 2008

So, the angry letter action did result in an invite. Yay! Yesterday. 9/11, I talked to the peoples of the C-group. Unfortunately, I do not think it went to well. I felt hazy instead of sharp and alert, the way I want to feel in an interview. The way I need to be in order to make things go my way. So, today they should let me hear something.. not looking forward to.

Anyway, the letter was actually really well written and something I can reuse. Also, I want to put some more effort into this type of job.

Still feeling quite good, relaxed. Just called nephew M. and shouted silly things down his phone which was on speaker, to congratulate him on his Birthday. He got a dinosaur quad from Casper and a new bike from mom and dad. Weet je, als je het sleuteltje beweegt, gaat het slot vanzelf, floept het slot vanzelf open! (eerste echte slot) Zal ik het nu even open gaan floepen?

Wonder about my new relaxed me and the old alertness in job interviews. How to combine the two? I made an appointment for october 1st, a trial interview. Getting some professional feedback. Think I should get out the webcam and do some training myself. Not looking forward to…

Straks inchecken voor VC!! Spannend, morgen al!



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