Posted on: 10 September 2008

Keeping it short…

I am feeling a lot better!

Sunday was a bit tough, prepping for VC and I get irrationally grumpy when having to pack. On top, I caught that cold that had F in its grip last week. Going from I dont know what to bring! to I have nothing to wear! to all my clothes are stupid! to I am stupid! Very uplifting… glad to have that over with. My period came on sat., which I am sure was an aggravating factor in it all.

I decided to focus on the verzuimmanager position for a bit. I have a good feeling about this. Confident.
Tomorrow a first real interview. Check out the weather, if I can wear one of my two new pretty outfits. Today, working on creating different options.

Also happy about my day with F. yesterday. We went swimming and to visit S and little M, whose Bday is up on friday. Happiest I am though because I managed to keep my cool, not feel exhausted in the evening. Around stressy six, him crying from hunger and me starting to feel sore between the shoulder blades, I fed him a bit of muffin which he didnt take and a bottle, which he did. I dont feel stressed about the solids thing now. After, I put him on the floor and tried to get on with cooking. But he needed attention from me. So I came down as well and thoroughly enjoyed myself rolling around on the floor, stretching myself and playing with him intermittently. I felt really good after, relaxed. Trying to not be a “have to be happy”-mom and just show him how I feel. Letting by eyebrows and mouthcorners sag if that’s how they are. Relaxing into current mood, but keep on moving.

That said, I am really busy prepping for VC – the fun bit. Thank god Rsie is taking us to Schiphol, J&M picking us up. Trying to get the real deal job getting in as well, generating some leads while I am in this flow.

Hope all goes well!



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