Mailed it!

Posted on: 5 September 2008

Toiling away at stupid sollicitatiebrief this morning. Then, my jobcoach called – I had emailed her for help earlier this week. She tells me she doesnt think the job will work for me, in the end. Even if I get it. She is thinking more of a beleidsmedewerker thing. Thank you for putting my motivation back to zilch.

Anyway, I picked up my zilch motivation and similar mood and started toiling away again. Trying to write a fabulous letter. It turned out alright I guess. A bit disappointed that I just cannot seem to copy paste from a previous succesful one. Quality is something that I cannot seem to ignore, winging it hardly in my vocab.

Called to the PA that I stumbled upon angrily yesterday. For job details about the contact person I was addressing the letter to. He was about to put me through to his stupid boss, but I wasnt prepped so I declined. !!. Told him I’d just send the email to the contact. When I did, I got an out of the office reply, his email not being forwarded. What is this, some stupid assessment? So I called the PA, who was actually pretty nice, again. He surprisingly offered to intervene, and put my letter on his boss’s desk. So there. Not too bad a result in the end, even though I did not do the phone drill questioning and personal selling of myself that I did before, which might have gotten me in, I did make an impression of trying to get through and making an effort. Getting noticed. Maybe that’s all it takes. We’ll see.

Still not convinced I actually want the job.

Maybe jobcoach Francine is right anyway. That I should find a job where my writing skills, and analytical skills, are put to use more. Pfff…

Did some errands after. Prepping tonight’s dinner. Worrying about what to buy for birthday party tomorrow – to cake or not to. Returning cardigan – trying on other one, right size, wrong colour – not returning after all. Calling other contact about other verzuimmanager job. Not getting through, sent her a text. Visiting apothecary, recipe wasn’t in. Oo, remember now about digital apothecary that been wanting to test.

Read interesting article on cardriver’s self perception by Beatrijs Ritsema. Who is she anyway? Seems like nice person. Dad passed his drivers test, BTW. Am thankful to find that he is conscious of own driving fallacies – slower and less situational awareness.

Picking up Flo to go to docter’s, signing out.


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