Posted on: 27 August 2008

The meeting went excellent, just got back and feel overflowing with ideas.

Although it could just be the release – that does not seem to matter.

I feel I should put down a few pointers to help me get follow through on this tomorrow:

1. Write T. a thank-you email, expliciting what I am thankful for exactly, how I mean to move forward.
2. Some hidden feedback:

  • my salary wish may be on the high side of what is realistic in the arbo field
  • I impressed her as ambitious, still. says it is something about the eyes. wonder if it is the upward turning RA informed me of, the looking at inner world thing. or rather the intelligence, brightness, quality orientation, something like tenacity. or the way I look for words, forming the sentence slowly, searching, in order to express exactly what I mean, like a taylormade suit instead of off-the-rack.
  • same job is posted @ Keerpunt, a reintegratiebureau. De Amersfoortse employs these very same!
  • wondering about my own ambitiousness. Should I embrace or try to store/adapt/hide? How to combine in view of current work/life balance wishes? Possibility of trying a management position in current situation? How about not excluding but setting clear conditions e.g. kind of direct leidinggevende, timeframe, clearcut goals. Consultancy options subsidie of innovatie of change qua reistijd less desirable, unless… well, there’s your conditions for you.
  • also pondering on own creativeness/writing/internal communications/case studies. try out for local newspaper? or creative/facilitation skills in mgmt position (condition?).
  • uneasy about emphatic reaction to solliciteren. not agreed. am not a victim, have chosen situation and am pleased. wonder how/why came to be and how to prevent.

3. the new job of casemanager is being implemented mainly by small agencies. Arbo Unie e.a. too slow, too big, bureaucratic to adaptinto that market. Also some RIbureaus like Keerpunt venturing out, and some larger companies effecting the job inhouse (by a specialist?). All of these would be researchable options for me. Targeting P&O-head. Using my network, Google and Linked In to get to these

4. if really that talented a writer, think about writing own speeches/interviews/phone sessions/sales talk re: email re: casemanagement position @ chefs P&O.

5. think about target practice; who with. planning dates before actually defining target, will set deadline. roleplay. and fun.

That should keep me busy!

signing out to pick up F,


1 Response to "Meeting"

he, dat signing out heb je van mij!

Leuk schrijf je hoor. Zo hoor ik nog eens wat.


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