Day after the epiphany

Posted on: 27 August 2008

Getting out of my head, never easy.

Writing means rummaging around in your own head. You may come up with something new, useful and even surprising; but it always comes out of your own head. Therefore the surprisability has its limits. Or does it? Can we pull ourselves up by our shoestrings? Can we change our glasses to see new things in the world – things that were there all along but not visible to us?

All I know, is that I still have the same positive vibe that started yesterday. I can feel however I want, but I want to keep on moving and not be distracted by possible negative feelings. They don’t need resolve.

Nervous about a meeting later on today. Trying to branch out into different strategies. Opening up new possibilities. I feel like something is so close I can almost taste it… but still out of reach. Making me very impatient and restless. What can I do to touch it, to grab it?

So close, so close… now I know I need to venture out of my own safe world. But how? Just pick up the phone… who’m I gonna call, ghostbusters?


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